Betsy’s Philadelphia Adventure

From the Betsy Ross House to the University of Pennsylvania

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Kids will have a great time reading this book as they join Betsy the squirrel on her colorful and 

playful journey through Philadelphia as she searches for her pal Benji’s party.

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A Book for Kids Ages 4 to 12 

Little ones, as well as anyone who loves Philadelphia or has a connection to Penn, will have a great time as they join Betsy the squirrel on her colorful and playful journey through Philadelphia as she searches for her pal Benji's party.

Follow the clues and discover the fun to be had in places that are hidden gems, as well as popular tourist destinations throughout the city, including the University of Pennsylvania's Homecoming, where she meets with Benji and their animal friends!

Betsy's Philadelphia Adventure, 

the Paperback Edition, includes:

  • 38 full-color pages with texts that are easy for kids to read
  • Colorful drawings of Philadelphia’s major sites as well as “hidden gems”
  • A map to show where Betsy’s trip takes her so you can follow in her pawprints

  • Fun facts about the places Betsy visits — and more!

Here are sample pages from Betsy's Philadelphia Adventure

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Betsy’s Philadelphia Adventure is also available as a paperback Coloring and Activity Book…which includes an 'Unscramble the Words' Game and a Word Search Puzzle! 

This Word Search is a sample of an activity page from the Coloring and Activity Book. 

Print this and begin enjoying it now!

You can buy the coloring and activity book here.

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Available now...a Tea Towel map of  

Betsy’s Philadelphia Adventure!! 

This is a great way to enjoy tea and crumpets (or Insomnia Cookies or Pizzeria Vetri) and follow Betsy's adventure through Philadelphia as she looks for her friend Benji's party.  The Tea Towel is 100% cotton, and measures 27" x 19".  Send email for wholesale inquiries to [email protected].


 Listen to “The Tale of Bets​y and Benji” 

Betsy and Benji even have a song called, “The Tale of Betsy and Benji!” It was written by Peter Sawyer, who sings 

the song with his dad!  You can sing along with the chorus:

“Benji, where are you, I can't find your party.

I have looked Philadelphia.”

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