Betsy’s Philadelphia Adventure

From the Betsy Ross House to the University of Pennsylvania

The People With Creative Minds: Biography

Betsy's Philadelphia Adventure was written by Marcia Sawyer and Sandy Mayer. The illustrations are by Milena and Jelena Vitorovic, who are wonderful artists!

Marcia and Sandy, BFFs (best friends forever) since college, are graduates of the University of Pennsylvania. This book celebrates their friendship, their love of Philly, and their love of Penn!

Marcia and Sandy are available for book signings, book club meetings, library, school, and other events, to describe 

Betsy's Philadelphia Adventure.  They enjoy discussing what inspired them to write the book, how they decided which of 

Betsy's many adventures to include - and why it's a great book that will entertain and teach kids about friendship and the 

wonderful city of Philadelphia.

Betsy’s Philadelphia Adventure is available on and

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